Weekly wishlist

Tan suede

This time last year I decided to abandon my beloved 4ngstyle. Taking the year out was probably was of the best decisions I made.  I realised this internet space that was so homely to me for so many years  just wasn't me anymore.  'For nasty gals' ( can we take a second to cherish that unreal blog name ) 
instead of a hobby started becoming a business. Trying to juggle full time college course, part time college course and a part time job plus trying to blog regularly to hit the stats required by the brands was leaving me unhappy and exhausted.

Today, over a year later I'm just so happy to be back. With a new website and a new mindset. 
I finally got to the stage where I stopped giving so much shit about everything and I want this blog to be exactly that. My happy space where I zone out and just share what I love and don't care .
I want to run around Cork with a camera like a lunatic taking photos of cute doors just because. 
I wanna meet creative people, I want to work with creative people. I want to be the most creative and happy me I can be. 
Not into fashion -  because too busy being into happy. 

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