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Welcome back

It's been so long since I have lost logged onto this space I nearly forgot the basics and navigating the dashboard. But I guess it's like riding a bicycle, it's something you just can't forget.
It's that time of the year again where I am absolutely swamped with work, assignments and 

Tan suede

This time last year I decided to abandon my beloved 4ngstyle. Taking the year out was probably was of the best decisions I made.  I realised this internet space that was so homely to me for so many years  just wasn't me anymore.  'For nasty gals' ( can we take a second to cherish that unreal blog name ) 

x Chupi

Lovely bits from Chupi to brighten up my weekend outfits. x 

Bell sleeve stripes x Denim

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Must have bag - Gucci Marmont

This weeks must have bag : GG Marmont Studded shoulder bag